The Way We Move, The Way We Sound
Videoex Festival  //  Zürich, Switzerland  June 2023

Expanded video and sound performance

Commissioned for Videoex Festival 2023
Kunstraum Walchterum, Zürich

When humans gesture, they activate an ancient connection between breathing and motion. Together with fellow Singaporean artist Aqilah Misuary, now based in Paris, I explore this primordial expression using a vocabulary of hand gestures in expanded video and sound.

Photos © Lorenzo Pusterla
Aqilah and I both share an avid interest in feedback systems, how embodiment and technology can be amplified through an array of modalities that hone in on minutiae, variance and time. We see the body and technology as intertwined entities that have the potential to create new forms of communication and expression. Our interest involves creating sound and imagery inspired by bodily movements and gestures.

We use a variety of tools and techniques such as sensors, cameras and software programs to capture and reconfigure the body. The idea that gestural movement is deeply entangled with human interaction and expression provokes thought about the role the body plays in everyday exchange, particularly the ways in which technology can or cannot be used to influence our perception of self and other.