Intimations of Shanshui
Shanshui: Echoes and Signals Exhibition
Breakout Space, M+, Hong Kong, 2024

Interactive textile sculpture
sound, light, motion and sensors

Commissioned by M+ Museum, Hong Kong

Borrowing from the Chinese idiom 见山 “to meet the mountain”, we ask what there is to discover when one contemplates mountains. This interactive sound sculpture crafted from fabric creates a focused and immersive experience blending sound, movement, and light.

A sensuous dialogue between self and sculpture. Variations in sound, light and movement respond to human presence and circumnavigation, a beautiful interplay that unfolds in a mesmerising and deliberate choreography.  As visitors walk around, their proximity to the sculpture and the duration of presence will affect what sound and light combinations get triggered. Forest environments, birds, water streams, stones, string drones and monochord samples are gradually unfolded by visitors into an enveloping sonic environment in synchronisation with light changes and movement of the sculpture layers.

The work is an ode to Shanshui paintings, bridging tradition and modernity through its interactive nature and the composition of textiles.

This interactive installation was conceptualised, created and installed together with my collaborators Martin De Bie of Datapaulette and Olivier Bienz.