Drawn to Light
Shanshui: Echoes and Signals Exhibition
M+, Hong Kong, 2024

Generative sound, light & motion sensors
4 channel audio

Commissioned by M+ Museum, Hong Kong
South Galleries
Curator: Silke Schmickl

Commissioned as a site-responsive piece, I conceptualised a meditative environment in dialogue with Isamu Noguchi’s metal sculptures that ground this beautiful space. The sound expresses the arc of natural light throughout the day, undulating and morphing according to shifting moods and atmospheres within the room as well as the changes out there on the water along Victoria harbour.


Working together with collaborators Aqilah Misuary & Serafin Aebli, sine tones and soundbowl sounds are generated by luminance levels that change from morning to night. Over the course of a day, dedicated sensors measure lux levels and visitors’ movements to create textures of sound that react to light, shadow and motion. Harmonising sky, cloud and the pulse of activity across the bay, a poetic energy is evoked in the room, enhancing contemplation and deep listening. No two experiences are alike.