Not Today
A short film by Lara Jacobs  //  Switzerland  2021
13’25”, Colour, 5.1 

Not Today is a story about two lost souls, Jerome and Britt, who arrange to meet under an old tree. It’s Christmas Eve and they are deep in the woods. They begin a solemn ritual. Feeling timid, Jerome soon has doubts about the promise they made to each other. 

Starring: Oliver Jordan Tewelde & Louise Debatin
Written & directed by: Lara Jacobs
Director of photography: Tobias Wanner
Editor: Gina Calamassi
Sound design: Oscar van Hoogevest
Music: Vivian Wang
Production design: Eulalie Déguénon & India Demirci
Gaffer: Pascal Kohler
Color grading: Lukas Gut
Visual effects: Daniel Loepfe
Sound mix: Gregg Skerman & Patrycja Pakiela

© Zurich University of the Arts 2021