Körper. Baden. Flow
Finissage mit Stummfilmvertonung
Bagno Popolare, Baden
8 Feb 2020

L'étoile de mer, Man Ray (1928)
The Mystery of the Leaping Fish, John Emerson (1916)
Le Retour à la Raison, Man Ray (1923)
Les Mystères du Château du Dé, Man Ray (1929)

The first cycle of the exhibition "Körper.Baden.Flow. Art in the Thermal Baths" comes to an end for the time being with this event. Before a three-week renovation break and the opening of the second cycle of the exhibition on 29 February, we will once again immerse ourselves in water and art.

Southeast Asian sound artist and musician Vivian Wang and the Winterthur musician and composer Nico Feer will make the silent film roar at the finissage of the exhibition Körper.Baden.Flow. With synthesizer, keyboard, voice, electric guitar, bass and a lot of experimentation, they immerse themselves in the visual worlds and translate them into sonorous depths. Meanwhile, the audience lies in the 38° hot thermal water and enjoys the image and sound from the most pleasant perspective.